The 1000 Challenge

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The 1000 Challenge

Help us raise awareness for the shocking statistics of child and teenage suicide in New Zealand.

The 1000 Challenge is an event held at Fitness Canterbury on the 3rd December to raise money for Youthline, in particular focusing on the alarming child and teenage suicide numbers in New Zealand.

Pick an exercise challenge to participate in on the 3rd December.

It must be something that challenges you! Something that you need to train for! A challenge that once complete, will feel like a significant accomplisment for yourself!

Your challenge must be either 1000 reps or the equivialant in distance.

Ideas for your challenge although not limited to:

1000 Pushups
1000 Burpees
10m Row x 1000 (10km total)
5m Skierg 1000 (10km total
1000 Bodyweight Squats
1000 Leg Raises
1000 Ball Slams
1000 Lunges
1000m Sled Push

Again, these are suggestions. It could be totally different, that you feel comfortable with. If you would like to participate but are unsure of an exercise, talk to a trainer or reception and we can help.
The important thing is that it is a challenge for you!

Entry into the Challenge is a $20 cash donation or you are welcome to make a contribution to our 'Givealittle' page by clicking here.

All proceeds will go directly to Youthline.

When you pay your donation we will give you a note to write your challenge on and pin it to the board.

Please ensure your note has your full name, your challenge and a preferred time of day on the 3rd of December that you will complete it.

All members, friends and family can participate.