3. Perfect Posture

3. Perfect Posture

Here's another small exercise to try!

Stand up and roll your shoulders forward and down and keep them in that position. Now slump your head and look at your feet, stick your stomach out and take small shallow breaths. Now walk a couple of steps.

How do you feel?

Low in energy, lethargic, maybe even slightly depresssed and anxious!

Don't worry! Keep standing, but now stand up straight and tall. Pull your shoulders back and relax with your chest held high. Suck your stomach in and keep it nice and tight. Straighten your head and lift your chin and look to where you want to go. Take 3 big deep breaths and walk 5 steps.

How do you feel now? Confident, happy, energetic. Imagine feeling like this all the time. Posture alone can either make your day or break your day. Exercise strengthens up those muscles, your shoulder muscles, abdominals, back and neck to ensure that you stay in a confident and energetic posture all the time, without thinking.

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