5. Setting Goals

5. Setting Goals

Having a goal with a clear vision and end date.

The power of written goals is astounding. It gives finality and helps set a course of action to something that would otherwise seem out of reach. Written goals also make the unachievable seem that much more achievable.

With the 12 Week Challenge you will establish and write down your health and fitness goals with your personal trainer and with an end date of 12 weeks time. Written goals are one of the most powrful tools to achieving any kind of success.

If you write a goal down and it has an end date, that goal is more likely to happen than if you were just wishing or hoping. The key is to write it down and have it in a place where you can easily see it and be reminded of it. When you take part in the 12 week challenge you will be given a training diary with a section for goal setting. Its important to read this each day as it reminds you of why you are doing the challenge in the first place. Your goal will always be in the forefront of your mind.

Start the 12 Week Challenge now with a clear goal of where you woul like to be in 12 weeks time!