Planning is vital

Planning is vital

Be sure to plan the time that you will dedicate to your challenge in advance

The 12 week challenge is for you. It's your path to a completely new and healthier you. In 12 weeks time, which in the scheme of things is not long at all you have the ability to change your life and outlook on life forever! Don't let everyday distractions deter or interfer with this challenge. Be sure to plan the time that you will dedicate to your challenge in advance and don't let anyone or anything change this plan.

This is your health and wellbeing, nothing is more important than that. When you sit down with your trainer at the start of your challenge agree on the amount of times during the week you need to committ to training to achieve your goals and don't change them.

A way to avoid everyday distractions or the unforseen ones is to train in the morning. Yes this does mean waking earlier than you normally would, but if you are serious about your goals this shouldn't be a problem. Other people do this, and there is absolutely no reason why you can't too!

There are two reasons why we suggest training first thing in the morning.

  1. This is time you wouldn't normally have, so there is nothing that can interrupt or prevent you from your exercise. You then have the rest of the day to do you normal activities.
  2. First thing in the morning your body is in optimum state for fat burning, so wake up have a large glass of water (a coffee if you must) a quick protein shake or handful of armonds, then come down to the gym.
  3. Training in the morning ensures your body releases endorphone (the feel good hormone), meaning you start you day on a positive note feeling great, rearing to take on the day with vigour and energy.