Challenge Workout Option Three

Advanced Level Challenge Workout

This workout is designed for people with experience in the gym, and are of limited to moderate cardiovascular fitness. By the end of the 12 weeks we hope that you will have gained muscluar endurance, strength and agility. Your should notice greater strength in your everyday activities with more energy and focus. You should expect fat loss and muscle toning.

This challenge is built around 5 exercises. Each exercise will test various aspects of your physical endurance, strength conditioning and agility. Your will perform each exercise for a time of two minutes with one minute rest between them. Your heart rate will be continuosly measured throughout ensuring that you remain above 80% of your maximum heart.

The challenge will last a total of 15 minutes and is to be completed at the start of your first personal training session. Your persoinal trainer will record your total distance and repetitions.

Challenge Three - Advanced

1. Treadmill Maximum distance in 2 minutes
 - incline 0 Rest 1 minute
2. TRX Row Maximum repetitions in 2 minutes
 - N/A Rest 1 minute
3. Goblet Squat Maximum repetitions in 2 minutes
 - Ladies 10kg, Men 20kg Rest 1 minute
4. Standing Shoulder Press
Maximum repetitions in 2 minutes
  - Ladies 6kg, Men 12kg Rest 1 minute
5. Sled Push/ Rope Pull Maximum distance in 2 minutes
 - Ladies 20kg, Men 40kg  

 Important: Please arrive 10 minutes before you scheduled time. You will be fitted with a heart rate monitor and will be asked to warm up. Your challenge will begin immediately at the start of you personal training session.

Video: Challenge Workout Option Three