Challenge Workout Option One

Entry Level Challenge Workout

This workout is designed for people who do not have much experience in the gym, and are of limited cardiovascular fitness but are looking to improve there health and fitness over the next 12 weeks.

It is built around three exercises. Each exercise will test various aspects of your physical endurance with some strength components as well. Your will perform each exercise for a time of three minutes with two minutes rest between them.

The challenge will last a total of 15 minutes and is to be completed at the start of your first personal training session. Your persoinal trainer will record your total distance and repetitions.

Challenge One - Beginners

1. Row Maximum distance in 3 minutes
  Rest two minute
2. Sled Push Maximum distance in 3 minutes
  Rest two minutes
3. Sandbell Slam Maximum repetitions in 3 minutes

 Important: Please arrive 10 minutes before you scheduled time. You will be fitted with a heart rate monitor and will be asked to warm up. Your challenge will begin immediately at the start of you personal training session.

Video: Challenge Workout Option One