Spin Classes

8 Reasons to spin. The benefits of a spin class

SpinPictureA regular spinning class is a fun way to change your body shape and greatly increase your fitness level. The benefits reach farther than your physical body.

Reason 1: Your Heart

A spinning class provides aerobic benefits. The instructor will often ask you to break out of your steady pace and increase your heart rate, which in turn increase your cardiovascular health and strengthens your heart.

Reason 2: Calories

One 50 minute spin class will burn as much as 700 calories

Reason 3: Control Your Workout

A spin class allows you to progress at you own pace without looking out of place. In a spin class you can add more resistance to increase your workout or lower the resistance to allow you to keep up with the class.

Reason 4: Escape

We have kept the room dark on purpose. Feel the energy of everybody around you without feeling self conscious, hear the instructor and escape into your own spin world.

Reason 5: Low Impact Exercise

Spinning keeps the impact off your knees, ankles and feet, giving heavier people or those recovering from injury a chance to gather the benefits of an intense workout without any stress on their joints.

Reason 6: Abdominal Workout

A good spin instructor will be constantly reminding you to stay in good form. The constant motion and side to side action of your abdominals will tone them up without a seperate exercise. Since a big spin class benefit is overall fat loss eventually the newly toned abs will be visible.

Reason 7: Group Dynamic

Working out in a group keeps you accountable in a subtle way. When you want to give up you can look over and see someone who is really pushing themselves or spot someone who is struggling. Both scenarios will keep you working towards your goal either by seeing an inspiration or choosing to be someones inspiration.

Reason 8: Build Mental  Stamina

Because of the tough workout and set times, anothner spin class benefit is the development of the 'can do' attitude. Knowing you can accomplish something that is difficult and sticking with the spin class schedule can encourage you to tackle other life challenges and projects with more confidence and passion.