Basic Membership

Basic Gym Membership

What If You Have All The Experience You'll Need With Weight Training!

If you are confident that your existing training program is getting you the results you need then our Basic gym membership is the ideal solution for you. With our Basic membership, you will receive full access to all the weights and cardio equipment as well as a complementary training diary.

Your Basic Membership Includes

  • Full access to all weight training and cardio equipment.

There are two ways you can join on our Basic Membership. Come in and see us at reception or join online by clicking on the secure links below. If you join online we will be in contact with you within 12 hours to arrange your first appointment with a Personal Trainer.

12 Months for only $14.50 per week                                       Join Online (Click Here)

6 Months for only $20.50 per week                                         Join Online (Click Here)