Challenge Membership

It's amazing what can be achieved in 8 weeks!


What better way to start your health and fitness lifestyle than your very own '8 Week Challenge' set out by one of our personal trainers to achieve a special goal of yours. You will begin your journey by spending an hour with your selected personal trainer to go over your goals and design your specific program.

To make sure you stay on track you will have 7 personal training sessions, once a week with your trainer. During this time your trainer will encourage you to get the very best from yourself and your training as you strive to reach your 8 week goal.


Your Challenge Membership Includes

  • 1 hour session with a Personal Trainer to establish your goals and design your program.
  • 7 half hour session with your trainer. One per week to ensure that you are staying on course and getting the most from your training.

To get started with our Challenge membership, come in and see our staff at reception or join online.
If you join online we will be in contact with you within 12 hours to arrange your first appointment with a personal trainer.


12 Months for only $17.95 per week                                         Join Online (Click Here)

6 Months for only $23.95 per week                                          Join Online (Click Here)

If  you would like  more information on our Challenge membership, simply fill out the 'Contact Us' form and one of our staff will be in contact wiith you within 12 hours.