8 Reasons To Learn To Love Spin Class

Posted by Kendal McSorley on 24 July 2014

8 Reasons to Learn To Love Spin Class

The beauty of a spin class is that it caters to all ages, fitness levels and the class is mixed. It’s a great way to make cardio fun and most of all enjoy your workout with a group of like minded people. Because there is an instructor taking the class the whole time it makes it go a lot quicker than if you were to be on your own. The instructor is there to motivate you and allow you to work at your own level of fitness.

Check out a few reasons below on the benefits of spin and why you should learn to love it.









Some of the many benefits of Spin

  • Burn Calories.
  • Improve Cardiovascular Health.
  • Progress at Your Own Pace.
  • Experience How Time Flies.
  • Enjoy an Effective, Low Impact Workout.
  • Achieve Toned, Shapely Legs.
  • Get a Great Abdominal workout.
  • Build Your Mental Strength.

 You'll get the energy you need to give 100 percent the whole workout.
As mentioned above, one of the best things about spin is that you have the instructor there to encourage you the whole time. Not to mention the upbeat and motivating music, as well as a mixture of different lightings to match the track.

You'll get used to that sore butt feeling.
I’m not going to lie, if it's your first time, or you haven't been in a while, chances are, your bum will be sore the next day. Luckily most classes you will be in and out of your seat throughout the class so the more classes you do, the more you get use to that burn and you will love it! Alternatively you can use a padded seat or get some bike shorts with padding built into them.

You'll define and lean out your legs.
The great thing about spin is that although it may not seem like it, you are using your leg muscles as well as other muscles in your body you may not even know you had. It’s a great wait to sculpt the body all while having fun.

You'll feel the team spirit.
While for some of us, it’s still nice to go on a ride on your own to clear your thoughts and get some “Me” time. The energy that comes along from the members of the spin class is contagious and a great way to keep you motivated and on track. Even better that most of the time when you are enjoying yourself the class goes really quick and before you know it you will have the last working track.

You'll leave feeling exhilarated.
Attempting a ride class doesn’t mean you have to give up the weights or swap it for any of your other sports. But if your healthy and don’t have injuries, add some spin classes into your weekly routine a few times a week for a great way to advance your fitness.

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