Does Your Body Have It's Current WOF?

Posted by Chris Weddell on 28 October 2015

Does Your Body Have It's Current WOF?

Two things I have a lot of interest in are cars and the human body; they are both amazing forms of engineering and not very different when put in the context that follows. What I’m going to go into next is an easy way to make sure you are covering all bases in your training and making the right lifestyle choices.

I really like using car analogies when talking about the body, it’s a great way to simplify and have a bit of fun at the same time.

> For a start you wouldn’t run your car on 20 octane petrol and expect great performance from it, just like throwing some junk food down the laughing kit, don’t expect great results from this! Aim for some 98 octane, if you miss out on 98 your still going to be pretty high. So get some good wholesome food into the mix.

>You wouldn’t drive your car with a flat/under inflated/over inflated tyre, so make sure your body doesn’t have a flat tyre, for a start you lose performance, and if you keep going with it something big and bad will happen!! So look after your points of ground contact because they are very important!

>Make sure you don’t have a powerful V8 in the engine bay of a mini! I see this alot, people get very strong but only with the engine in neutral; make sure your chassis/tyres/gearbox etc matches your engine. If you can’t put power to ground what’s the point? Make SURE you are covering all bases…. If you want that V8 engine that’s cool, but make sure you put in the after market brakes/tyre/suspension. Catch my drift?

  • You wouldn’t run your car without oil, so don’t run you body without water, big difference here is water is FREE, so drink up!
  • If your car has a turbo and or NOs make sure you’re not running on poor quality 20 octane petrol, or it’s a complete waste of time, get that octane up with some good wholesome food and only then add the supplementation in (but only if you need it, a good octane might be enough.)
  • You want performance for racing? Don’t just have a nice shiny car with mags, up market brakes and suspension with a little Mazda 121 engine providing the power, sure you will stick to the road/track like glue, but your performance will suck! In other words don’t obsess with perfection flexibility/mobility/stability, sure it’s important but strength and power is very important too, so get that balance.
  • A car that is well looked after running on 98 octane (good whole food), with regular services and good quality oil (sufficient water intake) regular wheel alignment / tyre pressure /break checks (stability and mobility) with a engine that matches the chassis (strength and power that can be put to ground and controlled), your car and you for that matter will live a long and healthy life. Pretty simple stuff really.   











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