Posted by Eleanor Marshall on 24 March 2016


Easter is upon us.  Chocolate and hot cross buns line the supermarket shelves.
Over the past week I’ve been having conversations about what Easter means to clients in terms of their eating habits.
Some people were worried about mindless chocolate snacking. Others considered Easter the best time to get outdoors and train, therefore food choices weren’t going to change. I also had people mention they weren’t phased by chocolate, they would however opt for a few hot cross buns. Therefore I’ve put together a couple of tips for the long weekend.

Tips for Easter:

  • Stay active
  • Consider starting a tradition of giving Pj’s or a plant instead of chocolate
  • Try making some bliss balls for an alternative treat
  • Stay mindful when eating treats. Think about what you’re doing. Enjoy the taste, texture, smell and eat slowly!
  • After Easter, remove the excess chocolate from the house–turn your chocolate into a cake and take it into work on Tuesday to share with the office!
  • Keep in mind hot cross buns contain over 200 calories with a high amount of sugar. To put this in perspective a piece of bread contains about 100 calories with far less sugar.
  • Eat quality chocolate, and don’t be fooled by carob – it generally still contains added sugar.

Happy Easter!

Eleanor Marshall, Nutritionist