Farticle #2

Posted by Chris Weddell on 2 June 2016

With it now heading into winter, I find my motivation tends to lack in the first few cold months. I tend to spend more time reading than I do being active (I still stay very active, so that tells you how much I read…)

I find a great way to get the body used to the cold is to finish off a shower with the water on as cold as it goes for at least 1min, or if you’re really keen try a cold shower start to finish… it’s very revitalizing!! Word of warning though, if you have heart troubles I recommend to ease your way into this.

This next article is well worth the read, all of Gary Cooks work is gold, and Dr Mark Chang is a very clued up man, so this is bound to be a classic. I really like this look into neurodevelopment Sequencing. If you have kids you can probably relate to this. Make sure you watch the videos; they have some points to take away

“The neurodevelopmental sequence is the normal movement progression that infants follow as they grow and develop the abilities to roll, crawl, stand, walk and more.”

“Since these lower developmental postures provide the necessary strength, stability and coordination required of more challenging postures, skipping over them in the movement rehabilitation process can often leave clients without the foundation they need to be successful at higher levels. Movement efficiency is decreased and they are at a higher risk of injury.”

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Bret Contreras is well known for his work in the fitness industry and even more specifically glute training.

I really like this blog from his website, that has athletes sending in glute exercises they have developed...

Click here to read his blog

Do you have any glute exercises to add?

Quote of the week: This weeks quote works well with Brets work….

"You never see anyone who can run or jump who doesn’t have an ass – in any sporting activity."

Mike Boyle