Farticle #4

Posted by Chris Weddell on 8 September 2016

Today I want to talk about something very important and very much over looked by a lot of people. It’s so important that if you stopped doing it you would die! Have I got your attention yet? Can you guessed what it is?

Breathing might be the single most important function of the body because without it we die and die very quickly. So one thing I really wanted to touch on today isn’t are you breathing or are you not, because you’re reading this I know you are breathing. It’s more about the quality, quantity and speed of your breathing?

Do a quick test. Close your eyes and think about your breathing, the speed of your breath, is it a quick in and out or a long slow breath, then take your mind to where are you breathing into? Upper chest / neck or down into your belly (put a hand on chest and a hand on belly and see what moves), the last thing is to think about how much your breathing, and compare it to your task at hand. If you’re sitting down doing nothing you’d think you wouldn’t be breathing much, but if you have just got in from a run, you might be breathing a little heavier.

What did you find? All of the above?

If you have problems with any of these it might pay to get some professional help with correcting these problems, because these breathing deficiencies tie  in with numerous health issues , anxiety and bad posture to name a couple.

I would like to share a Great Article by Gray cook on Breathing. There is some seriously good information here.  If you think you no it all about breathing (you definitely won’t) Have a read, because fixing your breathing might change your life.

 Click here to read the article 

“Practice is like meditation, like the use of the breath in yoga and martial arts. If you think about it, some of the oldest forms of exercise start with the breath and some of the newest fads in exercise don’t even consider it. Today’s coaches often just think if they get you winded, all good things will happen. I don’t know if that’s the best way to approach this. Think about that.”

“The wisdom of the ages tells us to start every exercise or movement with attention and efficiency in the breath; because that fuels everything we do in every other movement we make. Do we do this? Nope. We want to grow those Pecs, shred those abs and activate those glutes.”

Quote goes to Gray this week:

"Mobility before stability , Stability before movement , movement before strength ~ Gray Cook"