Getting The Most Nutrients From Your Food

Posted by Eleanor Marshall on 28 October 2015

Getting The Most Nutrients From Your Food 

Typically as the weather heats up there is a shift in motivation. It may be wanting more energy to run around with the children, or the sudden exposure of limbs is driving you to consider your shape. Whatever your goal, make November the month to reassess your eating habits.  Check out the new season fruit and vegetables and more specifically, consider how you eat foods to maximize on retaining nutrients  

Fruits and vegetables have high levels of antioxidants with health promoting and disease preventing compounds. Although some foods are enhanced flavour and nutrient-wise through heat, most vitamins and phytonutrients are destroyed or damaged when cooked or processed.

The method of cooking you use also affects fibre loss in vegetables. For example, steaming or microwaving vegetables leads to less fibre loss and nutrient leaching than boiling.

Eating vegetables is important to good health, and knowing how to prepare them in a way that preserves their fibre content as well as the vitamins and minerals will make your meals all the more nutritious and filling.


  • When possible, eat veggies raw instead of cooked. You may be pleasantly surprised at the taste.
  • If you must boil vegetables, use the cooking water in soups or sauces so you still get some of the nutrition.
  • Whatever cooking method you use, keep cooking times as short as possible to preserve fibre and nutrients.
  • Since much of the fibre in certain vegetables is in the skin, it's a good idea to leave the skin on vegetables when you can.

Check out this link to Fruit & Vegetables in Season for November and related recipes!

For individualized food planning contact Nutritionist, Eleanor Marshall. 

 Get the Most Nutrients Out of Your Veggies By Cooking Them the Right Way

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