Healthier Christmas Day Swaps

Posted by Eleanor Marshall on 9 December 2015


Healthier Christmas Day Swaps 

Try making your own yoghurt dips with mixed herbs and spices (fresh or dried).
Keep the entree light.  Try salmon, prawns and grilled calamari.

Turkey is a lean meat - keep it lean by leaving the skin off and skipping the stuffing and gravy.

Avoid salads and veggies in creamy sauces. Instead, opt for dressings that include extra virgin olive oil; fresh lemon, orange or lime juice; fresh herbs and spices; or vinegar, seeded mustard, and cracked black pepper.
Load your table up with fresh and colourful summer salads.

Be wise when it comes to fluids. Serve jugs of mineral water flavoured with fresh fruit, herbs or a dash of citrus juice.
If you’re going to enjoy an alcoholic drink or two, avoid adding sugary drinks and mixers like coke and lemonade – opt for kilojoule-free soda water instead (eg. Kiwi Blue – lime).

Skip the plum pudding and take advantage of all the delicious seasonal summer fruits for dessert. Serve as chunky pieces, fruit skewers or in a fruit salad sprinkled with fresh mint.
No need for sugary and high fat custards, serve some delicious Greek or natural yoghurt flavoured with natural vanilla alongside your fruity desserts.

December Tips
-Eat Breakfast
-Stay hydrated
-Eat a snack before you attend a function to avoid over-eating on calorie-dense foods
-If you are taking a plate, make yours a healthy option
-Listen to your body and stop eating when you feel full.
-Chat and mingle. If you are bored at a party you’re more likely to hover around the food table or seek out the serving platter. A good conversation can distract you from the food. Avoid standing right beside the food table or bar while you’re talking.

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