New Year’s Resolution or New Year’s goal setting- You choose!

Posted by Chris Weddell on 9 January 2015

New Year's Resolution or New Year's Goal Setting - You Choose! 

As I sit here thinking of something interesting and relevant to write about for this month’s newsletter that gym members can easily relate to! Suddenly thought of this popular topic….  How many people have tried /heard mentioned numerous times/failed/succeeded in a new year’s resolution (NYR)? For the interest of the readers this is going out to, we will concentrate mainly on the popular health/ fitness style NYR

A lot of people myself included have tried NYR.  Generally starting off with a hiss and a roar and then petered out and fallen of the wagon, this got me thinking, why is the success rate so poor? Is there a better way of structuring this approach so it’s not as easy to fail?

 I looked up trusty Wikipedia in search of a definition for NYR and this is what I got– “In which a person makes a promise to do an act of self-improvement or something slightly nice starting on New Year’s Day”. Simple stuff really, it’s not hard to come up with something that will cover that definition is it? Maybe we need to look a bit deeper…. A very common NYR I hear is oh this year I want to lose weight, so I’m going to do exercise every day and eat only healthy food etc… sound familiar?


My thoughts on NYR may upset a few but here goes. There’s something about it I don’t like (don’t really know why) it just seems so temporary! Funnily enough things that sound temporary often are so! The way I treat it and I would like others to follow is as ‘New year goal setting’ (NYGS). Why I like this title better is ‘goal setting’ seems so set in stone a lot more permanent and sustainable, Goal setting is by no means a new concept  people use it widely with get success( I’d say everyone reading this will know what goal setting is and more than likely used it). All the top athletes use it to reach the pinnacle of their chosen sports.

So we have changed the name to something sounding more sustainable, what next?

Well we need a goal! But we need to think a bit harder than “oh I need to lose a few pounds, so my goal is to lose weight”. The way I look at it is your goal is the mountain peak or top of a pyramid, it’s something that is going to test you, and it is hard but achievable. I find it a good idea to make it measurable so for someone losing weight it might be a realistic weight target.

Below is an easier way for me to explain this than to go through my own person NYGS plan

For me my goal is to be back racing on the track at a competitive level! In years past this would have been worded differently, more along the lines of running a certain time over a certain distance, but because of the problems I have had with injuries (serious lower back injury) it is going to be a big challenge but is achievable and personally very relevant.

Now this is where it gets interesting, having a goal like that by its self is setting up for failure. You don’t see mountain peak without the rest of the mountain there to support it, do you?  Having a plan with structure and foundation to get you to your goal is paramount .Using the mountain analogy again would be like thinking of camps along the way like base camp etc, think of them as miniature goals to aim for along the way this does wonders for motivation. .Having things you do day in day out to tick the boxes and make sure you’re heading in the right direction is key!

 My plan is simple and so should yours be, there’s always the obvious with goal setting, for me I need to get back into the running specifics and progress with that, but that goes without saying and if I don’t have my plan that follows getting out and just doing running training isn’t going to be sustainable. Catch my drift??? So pick a few things you think are going to affect your goal unless you change it and work on it, for me I know my weakness is my core and glute function, so I will have program set in place to work progressively on these areas. Also I have always had a problem with mobility through my ankles hips and thoracic spine so I will have a structured plan to keep on top of these problem areas.

Two areas I know will play a big part in me reaching my goal, simply if I didn’t have these in place there is no chance of goal success!

Looking at my goal now with the structure and foundation plan to hold it up makes it look a lot more sustainable and achievable.

To recap on the Idea of NYR,  Try changing it around a bit put it in a goal setting  NYGS format give yourself a bit of plan to aid you in your goal.

Check list:

  • Think of a goal
  • What can you aid or cut out of your everyday life that can help you towards your goals.( don’t get to carried away think of 2-3 things that will help you on your way)

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