Planning For Your Ultimate Goal

Posted by Kendal McSorley on 10 September 2015

1. Write down your Ultimate Goal and the date you want to achieve it by.

2. Ask yourself what short term goal you need to accomplish before that in order to achieve your ultimate goal. What specifically do you have to do and by when, so that you are in a position of you final objective?

3. Then work backward some more. What do you need to complete before that second to last goal and by when?

4. Continue the same process as you step back further until you arrive at your very first goal that must be achieved to begin the process.

With each short term goal try and achieve them within 6-12 months of each other.

Some short term goals will be difficult to achieve and may need to have the above process repeated in order to achieve them. The important thing here is that steps are put in place to achieve your ultimate goal and your shorter term goals. 

Shorter term goals must also be viewed as changeable. Don't be afraid to put another goal in its place. The great thing about achieving short term goals is that you will be educating yourself along the way and may come up with new ideas that will be more beneficial. That is why it is important to consistently review and renew short term goals.

There you have it. You should now have an impacting, meaningful and life changing goal in front of you with a plan of how you will achieve it. Week three may take you longer than a week to plan but really if the goal you have chosen is important to you then taking the time to plan it should not worry you at all. In fact it should really excite you. Don't worry if your goal scares you a bit. Scary is good. It means you are thinking outside of your comfort zone. Anyone that has achieved anything that is great starts by thinking outside of their comfort zone; if not, is it really an achievement when it is completed.

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