Running This Summer

Posted by Chris Weddell on 16 September 2015

Running This Summer

With the weather getting warmer (sort of) and summer on its way, I am starting to see the increase of people running. If you are one of these people who loves running but find yourself getting injured all the time and can’t keep consistent training going, or if you run all the time and don’t get any improvement, don’t just settle for that, make a change and do something different. Think to your self for a second and run through this check list in your head.

1. Do I work on my flexibility & mobility (if you’re a desk jockey, this component is extremely important!!)

2. Specific strength development (that carries over to walking and running and well everything….)

3. Stability/balance (if you can’t stabilize a joint you have no business running, and you’ll most likely have pain!)

If you are thinking, I haven’t covered any of these or only one of them. You are seriously missing out.  Here’s the secret, running is about efficiency!  And what happens when you improve this, you run faster for less energy expenditure so you can run longer and limit the chance of injury, but most of all it makes running so much more enjoyable.

 What does the best of the best have to say about this?

Mo Farah top distance runner – who has done the double 5-10km at the last Olympics and world champs, he is also a very good 1500m, half marathon and marathon runner . Here he is talking about how the big change in his running came from the inclusion of specific gym work.

      "I was a lot weaker before," Farah says. "All the core stuff, all the weights? I couldn't lift anything. I just used to run and do a bit of core but I never did specific stuff. That's been the difference for sure."

 If you feel like you are hitting a dead end with your running or can’t even run to begin with, do something about it! You won’t regret it.


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