The Importance Of Plan A....and B

Posted by Kathy Burnell on 14 October 2013

 ‘Fail to plan, plan to fail’. 

As our lives get busier and our time and energy is stretched to its limits often it is either our exercise sessions or wise food choices that are the first to be sacrificed.

When we embark on our journey to improve our health and fitness it is general motivation that starts the ball rolling, (‘I want to get fitter’) this progresses to more specific intentions (‘I will do resistance training three times per week’) and this is where our plan to get to our goal unfolds.  Studies constantly prove that setting goals and being specific about how you are going to meet them greatly improves your chances of success, so what stops many of us from achieving them?  REAL LIFE!

We’ve all had one of those weeks when despite our best intentions life throws obstacles at us, testing our commitment to the limit.

This is where PLAN B is crucial, it means you can salvage your exercise plan without letting it go completely and save you the emotional stress of setting you back from achieving your goals.  When we think about the future we base our thoughts and plans on an ideal world, as we know life likes to throw curve balls at us – extra shifts at work; a child home sick or the more common one these days is that we over commit ourselves.  These unplanned obstacles have the potential to make us become anxious and the temptation to ditch our exercise takes over.  Having a plan b will help ease the pressure.

When planning your week ahead, take a few extra minutes to make a back-up plan.  Having alternatives already in your mind makes it less stressful when obstacles crop up.

For example:

  • If you normally have a rest day on Sunday but can’t get out of the office on a Wednesday, use that as your rest day and complete the session on Sunday.
  • If it’s raining outside use the treadmill or stationary bike
  • Ask your trainer for some suggestions for a bodyweight workout that can be completed if you’re stuck in a hotel room or are at home with a sick child.

A little planning and preparation are essential in any fitness program having a Plan B will help you deal with life’s challenges minimising the negative impact on your goal.