Tips To Survive The Silly Season

Posted by Kendal McSorley on 13 November 2014

Tips To Survive The Silly Season

We all know when Christmas rolls around its easy to fall off the bandwagon and give in to temptation. Tasty treats, big meals, alcohol and lots of celebrations. You tell yourself that you will start fresh in the New Year or plan a new fitness/weight loss goal for your New Year resolution in order to allow yourself to overeat or over “treat”

Never fear! Fitness Canterbury has put together a few key tips in helping you survive the silly season, while still letting your hair down and enjoying your well deserved rest.

We still want you to enjoy a few treats and celebrate the year that’s been, but here are a # few helpful tips to limit the damage.

Exercise daily
Stick to your routine, even if you over indulge the night before, or have a late night catching up with friends, don’t slack off! Staying active will make you feel better and help you stick to healthy choices. Plan family activities and make the most of your free time and the sunshine, getting active with friends and family will also help to take the focus off food.

Alcohol can sometimes be hard to avoid over the summer, BBQs, summer celebrations or a family get together, you are bound to have a couple of social drinks. To try and help with your alcohol consumption alternateyour alcoholic drinks with a glass of water, this will also help with your appetite. 


Tip – Dandelion tea is a great herbal tea to drink throughout the day, if you know you are going to have a few alcoholic drinks in the evening, as it helps to detoxify the liver.

Christmas is a great time to spend with your loved ones and catching up with friends, but it can also get overwhelming with all the planning and social occasions that are involved. It’s just as important to allow yourself some “me” time and time for rest.  Alternate your social occasions with movie nights or a quiet night in with friends. Don’t stress over Christmas shopping, be prepared and write yourself a list of who to buy for and what to buy, that way you can make it as pain free as possible. Remember, this is also your chance to recharge for the following year. So enjoy the time off with family and friends.


We all know that “Christmas” tends to come with a whole bunch of delicious food and desserts, not to mention the social outings involving alcohol and chip and dip, it’s easy to get carried away and over indulge, But that isn’t going to help you reach your goals or better yet, make you feel very good the next day. There is a few ways you can make better choices over the silly season.

  • Remember to eat plenty of vegetables, fruits and whole grains.
  • Portion control - be mindful of how much of something you’re eating.  A little bit of something you feel like does you good, but not the whole selection box.
  • Eat before you go out - Don’t arrive at a party starving, you’ll end up making worse food choices.
  • No skipping meals - Always eat normally on the day of a party. If you skip meals throughout the day to save up calories for an event or social occasion you tend to overeat everything in sight once they get there.
  • Skip the appetisers – if you can’t refrain from the appetisers, go for the healthier options like veggies, fruit, salsa, or a small handful of nuts. Choose lean meats and vegetable nibbles over deep fried spring rolls.








If you are hosting a party or having some friends around for a BBQ etc, you can choose what to serve. Go for foods that are healthy, tasty and easy to prepare, like brown bread and smoked salmon, veggie sticks and hummus, unsalted mixed nuts, cheese and fruit, homemade popcorn, homemade salsa and guacamole, chicken and prawns etc.

most importantly, enjoy yourself!!  Surviving the silly season is all about planning and preparation, as long as you are conscious of your decisions you will be fine. Don’t beat yourself up if you over indulge a little. As long as you are having a good time and don’t regret it, it’s all good. Remember everything in balance.