Supplement your Training

From fuelling your body before and after workouts  to making sure you have the accessories and equipment to help you maximise your training, we ensure we stock a range of quality supplements and gym supplies. 

Check out our great range of products below:

Pre Workout
download 56Lacking motivation or energy while working out? By maximising carbohydrate and amino acid (protein) availability prior to beginning exercise, you help delay the onset of catabolism and ensure that 100% effort can be delivered at each training session.



Protein powders
download 52
Whey protein powders are the most popular and widely used of all proteins. Mainly because they are perfect and easy for people with active and busy schedules who want to build or maintain a lean muscular physique, or to fuel tired muscles after training sessions to help recovery.



Mass Gainers
download 55Our Mass products are a feast of muscle food loaded with nutrients that may assist in the increase of body size and most importantly lean muscle mass. Each product is loaded with a list of ingredients to help in the production of testosterone which is vital for strength, stamina and protein to muscle synthesis.




 download 53From weightloss suppletments to recovery and refueling, Our great range of supplements can assist in activating muscle synthesis reducing muscle breakdown and providing your body with vitamins and minerals lost during strenuous exercise. 




Weight Management

 download 54Weight loss and fat reduction is often a desired outcome for athletes and gym goers. Check out our fantastic range of weight loss supplements that provide energising nutrients to assist in burning off energy and aid in metabolising fat.




Protein Bars

 images3Do you have a busy schedule and find some days you dont have time to prep a healthy snack? Protein bars are the perfect solution. They are handy to have after a training session or if your on the go! Check out our delicious range of flavours.