whether you’re training for a bodybuilding comp or just a newbie to the gym investing in a quality protein powder is a great idea.

A lot of people (woman especially) think that by taking protein powder it automatically means they will turn into “The hulk”. Good news is that this is false! Most of the muscular men you see in the gym lifting weights are not “big” because of protein shakes. Men have about 20-30x the testosterone than woman hence why it is harder for woman to build that much muscle.

Testosterone is the male sex hormone as well as the hormone that helps to build muscle. Some males naturally have more, some have less and the more of it you have, the more muscle you are able to build. Instead, for the ladies you will build lean muscle that creates tone and feminine curves.

Protein powder is one of the most important and most popular supplements for repairing the tissues in our muscles as well as helping with muscle growth. Some proteins can also help assist in weight loss or depending on your goals help you gain weight.  They are a great supplement to add to your diet to help you reach your daily intake of protein but they are also fast and convenient before or after a workout.

But I’m not lifting weights so why do I need protein?

Maybe you don’t enjoy lifting weights or you do a lot of cardio with your training...Good news! You still need protein. Believe it or not even endurance athletes sometimes need more protein than strength because of the amount of calories they burn during their workouts. Exercising regularly will normally increase the calories you burn and also the muscle being broken down, because of that you'll require more protein to help re-build muscle tissue and refuel your tank.

We sell a great range of supplements from 100% whey protein through to muscle mass gainers. Check out our range below or come in and chat to our reception staff about your goals and they can recommend you the perfect protein powder.