Balance WPI

Balance WPI

Balance WPI protein is a lean muscle builder while being low in carbs and fat.

  • Maximize lean muscle growth
  • Ultra high protein source
  • Extreme low carb & fat

Balance WPI protein uses patented technology - Ion exchange ultra filtration to seperate proteins from water, lactose and minerals. These concentrated proteins are purified usuing their different electronic charge. This complex procedure provides the highest quality undernatured whey protein available.

This Balance Proprietary Protein blend provides:

Low fat and carbs to eliminate unwanted calories.

A massive 24g BCAAs per 100g protein.

Great tasting, easy mix formula.

Maximum lean muscle growth with Whey protein isolate as the sole protein.

Available Flavours:

Divine Chocolate, Creamy Vanilla, Unflavoured

Available Sizes:

750g (25 serves) $86.90 - Order only

1.5kg (50 serves) $154.90

3kg (100 serves) $282.90 - Order only