Ultra Ripped

Ultra Ripped

This formula is designed to support maximum energy use and muscle mass with WPI and WPC.

  • Supports energy
  • BCAAs for lean muscle mass
  • Extreme low carb and fat
  • Helps support lean muscle recovery and development
  • Vitamin, mineral and amino acid support
  • WPI & WPC for easy digestion and absorption

Balance ultra ripped protein is an ultra high protein, low carb and low fat powder for the ultimate lean, ripped body. It contains Whey Protein Isolate and Whey Protein Concentrate with added thermogenic herb, amino acids, vitamins and minerals to assist in the release and transport of stored fat and energy. The formula includes green tea extract, caffiene, carnitine, chromium, choline, inositol and garcinia cambogia.

The Balance Proprietary Protein Blend provides:

Green tea extract is a natural theogenic and a powerful antioxidant.

Caffiene to help maintain mental stamina you need to perform.

Carnitine to assist with fat transportation and metabolism.

Chromium to help manage carbohydrate metabolism and the urge to snack.

Available Flavours: 

Vanilla Latte, Divine Chocolate, Cookies and Cream.

Available Sizes:

750g (25 servings) $94.90

1.5kg (50 servings) $171.90 - Order only 

2.8kg (100 servings) $291.90 - Order only