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Here you will find a vast range of different recipes under each of the 5 categorys. Each recipe is clean, healthy and tasty and will cator to everyones needs!!!
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We also have a recipe corner in the gym that have new recipes posted weekly.


As im sure you have heard before "breakfast is the most important meal of the day" and this is no lie. Breakfast provides your body and your brain with fuel it needs to function properly after you have fasted all night. It also gets the metabolism running for the day. Did you know that the name breakfast actually originates from "breaking the fast".  
Without it your body is bascially running on empty and we all no you can't start a car without petrol.
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Lunch is important to help re-energize the body but also keeps your metaboliskm active.
Check out our delicious lunch options that cater to both busy working bees aswell as if you have more time at home to prepare.
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Following the term "Breakfast Like A King, Lunch Like A Prince And Dine Like A Pauper" dinner should be your smallest meal of the day. Depending on your goals. Check out these great clean dinner recipes that even your kids will enjoy!
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Dessert is not for everyone but if you have a sweet tooth or are feeling like something naughty without those extra calories, check out our clean recipe section for great ways to attack those sweet cravings.
Click here if you dare... Warning these recipes may be addictive.

Eating a small healthy snack between meals is great to help keep the body’s metabolic rate up. If the body goes without food for too long (4-6hours) our metabolic rate can slow down. Which basically means that the body doesn’t think it’s going to get any food so it switches to starvation mode and stores any energy for later. This means that the rate we burn calories slows right now and the food we eat will store any extra calories as fat.
Stuck for for snack ideas? Click here for some easy recipes.

Check out our great range of sauces from sugar free tomato sauce through to clean satay sauce. Theres no excuses now! Click here for the recipes