Our Christchurch Gym

Our Christchurch Gym

Great people, expert advice, life-changing results!

Without question it's our people that make our Christchurch gym what it is. From enthusiastic Personal Trainers with highly-regarded qualifications and bundles of hands-on experience to warm, welcoming admin and management staff, it's the personalities around the gym that foster our engaging culture. 

That culture is as much about having fun and feeling comfortable in your environment as it is about achieving results. In the right space, with the right advice, the changes you desire will come, which is why we've put so much emphasis on attracting the very best staff and nurturing our very own little community. 

On top of it all we've got an extensive array of great equipment, and offer a bunch of fantastic services, ensuring Fitness Canterbury is your 'one-stop-shop' to looking and feeling amazing, and the perfect spot for your New Beginning!

What we Believe

At the core of what makes Fitness Canterbury New Beginnings great, is our belief that a healthy lifestyle is within the grasp of everyone. If you want to make it happen we are here to guide you forward. 

We believe in the power of exercise to rejuvenate your life. We have worked alongside people determined to shed weight, gain muscle, definition, and those who want to increase their fitness, and we have seen the smiles as their success in the gym has kick started success in their work and personal lives.

We know anyone is capable of success, of achieving their best selves, and here at Fitness Canterbury New Beginnings we believe we have the people and the facility to help you achieve your best you.