Tell us a little bit about yourself and why you decided to make a change to your health?
I am Jasim from UAE (Dubai). I decided to make a change to my health after i found that my weight was high and none of my clothes fit anymore.


What has been your biggest challenge during this lifestyle change?
Changing the way i eat. I reduced my gatherings with friends who eat unhealthy food and also reduced going to resterants or only choosing healthier options like subway.


What motivates you to continue with this lifestyle?
It makes me feel heathier and i feel better. However sometimes i get "hangry" with the reduced amount of food i eat.


What is your favourite healthy food to eat? What is the recipe?
Egg whites with onion and green peppers

What is your favourite form of exercise to do and why?
My favourite exercise is weight lifting

What is your best piece of advice that you could give to those just starting to exercise or in the process of making the decision to join Fitness Canterbury?
"NO Pain NO Gain"
I advise people to go to fitness canterbury as they will find lots of good machines and equiment. Good trainer and good staff and they are all very helpful.