Becky Hudson

Posted by Scott Mazey on 24 June 2015



Becky Hudson has gone from feeling unhealthy, low in energy and overweight at 97kg in June of 2008 to and incredible, healthy 61kg in April 2010. She is a true testament of not letting anything get in your way, and having the motivation and dedication to always strive to succeed in achieving your goals.

1) When did you begin your training at Fitness Canterbury New Beginnings?
I started training with Kent in June 2008, because I didn’t feel like my “best me”.

2) Everybody needs motivation or a reason to begin a healthy lifestyle and exercising. What was your motivation to begin?

The main reason was that I was struggling in my daily life being the weight that I was and I wanted that to change. My other main motivation for getting healthy was that I was going back to the States to see my family and I wanted to look good, also I was going to have the opportunity to meet my all-time favourite band (New Kids on the Block), and I wanted to feel good about myself.

3) So what has it been like training with one of our Personal Trainers, Kent Gibson?

Kent is exactly what I needed a trainer to be! He knows what he is doing, he motivates and pushes me when I need it, he isn’t judgmental, and he makes training fun.

4) What do you attribute to be one of the most important lessons you have learnt and continue to apply in your exercising?

One thing that was absolutely crucial to my success was setting goals. The big goal was easiest to set. I wanted to be below 65kg before Xmas 2009 (Becky started at 95kg). Kent and I also set smaller goals along the way. One goal we set before I went on holiday, not to gain more than 1 kilo on my trip and the next time he saw me. I actually came back lighter than I left! I lost 1.5kgs while on vacation!!!

5) Has your disability prevented you in any way from achieving the goals you set for yourself?

Having a disability is something I do have to take into account when training. It does mean that I have to work harder to get more results, but I have to take responsibility for the things that I ‘can’ do. What amazes me is that things I knew I couldn’t do in the beginning are now things that I feel confident in at least trying. When I started at the gym I couldn’t walk on the treadmill with crutches, now I can do it without my crutches. Outside of the gym walking a mile would have been impossible a few months ago, but now it’s refreshing and getting easier the more I do it. I have just recently run in the 2010 Christchurch City to Surf fun run.

 6) Everybody comes up against barriers or hurdles along the way to achieving their goals. Have you experienced any during your journey?

This road has not been an easy one. Although I never felt like giving up, there were times of frustration when I didn’t lose as much as I should have or when I was almost at a goal and then ‘just’ missed it (this happened more than once). My response to this or any situation where I was struggling was to tell Kent “I don’t quit” which meant that I was able to tell myself to keep going no matter how hard or how frustrating. It’s all about getting your mind right. Today I have lost a total of 36 kilograms!!! I feel better about myself, I have more confidence, and I am stronger mentally and physically. My main goal has been achieved, I’m now ready to set new ones and am more determined than ever to reach my new goals; with Kent there to support me....I know I can do it!

Becky has attributed her success to her determination; the support offered by her trainer Kent Gibson, the team at Fitness Canterbury New Beginnings and the power of setting challenging goals.
A goal is put in place to give you a destination to something that would otherwise seem impossible.
Any achievement in life is brought about by first imagining it, picturing it and then believing with upmost confidence and passion that it can and will be attained. Once you have reached this level of absolute confidence that you can and will achieve your goal, you MUST WRITE IT DOWN.

  • Write your goal in a journal, a diary or a calendar; something that you know you will see every day. 
  • Be specific about what you want. Visualize your goal in detail. 
  • Know that your goal is achievable, but be realistic about it. Do not set goals that rely to heavily on outside forces or people. It has to be a goal that you are in complete control of. 
  • Ensure that your goal has a time frame, whether it is six months, a year or five years away. 
  • Select three trusted friends or family members whom you know will encourage and support you in achieving your goals. Be selective in who you tell, you do not want any negative comments made that could make you feel that your goal is not achievable. 
  • A large goal should be structured around smaller short term goals. These will keep you on track and give you a sense of success as you achieve each one, building momentum and giving you confidence to continue onwards, bringing yourself closer to your ultimate main goal. 
  • Always measure whether or not you are on track. If you are not, carefully consider what has to be changed in order to get back on track to achieving your goal. 

The most important aspect of setting goals is to enjoy the journey that it takes you on and embrace the experiences that you will gain along the way. Some people have explained that what seems like major successes in their lives, has really been gained from experiences they have had while striving to reach their ultimate goal.

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