Christopher Naus

Posted by on 15 July 2015



I have been training with Meg for a year and a half now, and in that
time I have seen and experienced what a fantastic personal trainer she

When I first came to Meg I had previously spent some time at the gym,
however I was only seeing minor changes and few results for all the
effort I was putting in. I knew I wanted to bulk up, and find a better
balance in life between my passion of martial arts (Zen Do Kai and
Muay Thai) and spending time in the gym. Due to the nature of martial
arts and the intensity I was training at, I was struggling to shake
off injuries picked up during training. It seemed like I was always
ill or injured. Something needed to change!

I have seen far greater results while training with Meg than by
myself. With her guidance I have managed to put on muscle and gain the
results I was seeking and more. Meg has designed a gym program and
diet around my individual needs. and I am now both faster, stronger,
and more importantly healthier than i have ever been before.

By identifying and working on my weaknesses I am not only recovering
faster from injuries, but have seen a noticeable drop- training with
Meg is helping prevent them from occurring, allowing me to focus on my

Meg is skilled, thoughtful and a real pleasure to work with and talk
to. She listens to what I need and builds programs that suit my
lifestyle. She has kept me motivated with a mixture of workouts and
great banter. I always look forward to my training sessions with Meg
and would highly recommend her to anyone seeking help with their
health and fitness needs.

Christopher Naus