Erin Black

Posted by Scott Mazey on 22 April 2015



Hi, my name is Erin Black and at 45 I am in the best shape of my life, all thanks to the team at Fitness Canterbury.

I am a mum, a wife, and a teacher aide.
I have always battled with my weight, tried every diet out there, but I could never stick to anything long term. It was just too hard and I hated even the thought of exercise. I was too big and just could not do it.
My journey at Fitness Canterbury started in June 2010 and weighing in at 121kg I was desperately unhappy and not wanting to go anywhere or see anyone. Can you blame me? Anything had to be better than travelling this road any longer; my future was not looking too bright.
The gym scared the hell out of me to start with, but after meeting with Kent and getting a training and eating program that I could follow I was away and very determined.
Fitness Canterbury also offers a lot of classes so I thought I would give the boxing circuit a go. Wow! It was totally exhausting, but heaps of fun.
August rolled around. The gym holds a 12 Week Challenge every so often, and I thought “why not?” My goal was to lose 1kg a week for weeks; it was hard slog but 12 weeks later, with heaps of support from my trainer and fellow members, I achieved a loss of 13.4kg. I was stoked.
I have continued to eat well and exercise daily, and my weight is in the mid 80s mark now. So still a wee way to go, but I know when Spring rolls around I will be in fine shape.
The advice, support and motivation my trainer has given me during this process has been invaluable.
I would recommend and strongly encourage anyone wanting to lose weight, or just to gain more energy and a healthy outlook on life, try Fitness Canterbury. They offer a wide range of classes, it is very affordable and everyone is really friendly.
Fitness Canterbury is a place that can make dreams come true with top class trainers who really know their stuff.
I have lost the weight, but gained so much in self confidence and in life.

Feedback from friends and work colleagues:

The change in Erin since embarking on this challenging journey has been incredible. Her success can be seen in her whole attitude to life – congratulations! – Liz

Erin has gained so much confidence in herself and it is exciting to have her come to me sharing and asking advice about new clothes and how she looks. – Angela

Erin is a dynamic individual who inspires everyone. The change I have witnessed in Erin is unprecedented and her enthusiasm is infectious. – Hannah

Erin is a positive, optimistic woman who is quick to compliment others and acknowledge