Tina Bell

Posted by Scott Mazey on 24 June 2015



Total weight loss: 27.8kgs during 12 Week Challenge

What was the deciding factor in signing up to the 12 week challenge?

After loosing our first daughter I turned to food and gained a heap of weight, after four years of miscarriages and then finally giving birth to our second daughter I was still over-eating as I stressed I was going to loose her also, didn’t help having earthquakes. When she was 18months old I saw a photo of myself and go a real fright, I knew I hadn’t gotten huge but I didn’t expect that. It made me decide to stop dwelling on what had happened and to make sure I was around to watch her grow up and enjoy life again with her. I had already lost 14kgs before starting the challenge and though that it was a great way to keep going.

What was a typical weekly exercise regime for you prior to signing up to the 12 week challenge?

I did weights four times a week and x3 20minute cardio sessions, some weeks I added a boxing session with my trainer.

What did a typical day of eating look like for you prior to signing up to the 12 week challenge?

Before I started loosing weight I ate anything and everything in sight, whether I was hungry or not.

Who was you trainer and why did you choose to work with them?

Michael Davis, he is my brother but I wouldn’t have signed with him if I didn’t know how fantastic he was at his job. Before starting a family I had trained many times with my brother and knew how much knowledge and experience he already had then.

What kept you motivated to finish the challenge?

Being there for my little girl but also very much that I loved how I now felt, more energy, happy and back enjoying life, that hadn’t been the case for over five years.

What was the most challenging factor over the 12 weeks for you?

Going to family events etc where there was always lots of sugary food but to be honest I didna’t struggle too much as I actually stopped enjoying eating junk food once I started eating healthy.

What was the most important/significant thing you learnt?

Weight management is definitely 80% what you shove in your gob. I didn’t have much spare time for exercise with a toddler and working full-time but I didn’t need to do the hours I did as a twenty year old if I just put the right fuel in my body.

Do you feel the challenge has changed your daily habits and has become more of permanent lifestyle change. If so what are some of the things you have implemented into daily life?

It makes me aware of my food choices, sometimes I loose control a bit but I soon get back on track.

Would you recommend the 12 week challenge to friends and family members?

Yes, already have.